About Us

Hey Y'all!

My name is Juleah, nice to meet you! Besitos is located in Northwest Arkansas in the little town of Berryville. My shop specializes  in farm love, boho apparel and fun pieces! Its so much fun to be yourself, and express yourself thru your wardrobe! You are one in a billion, girlfriend!

5 fast facts about me:

1. I have a bunch of kiddos..my own little tribe..maybe its from being an only child..gotta grow my own crew. 

2. I am a crazy chicken lady..one chicken in particular...her name is Judy..if you watch my ig stories you will get to know everybodys Aunt Judy pretty well...shes fabulosity in feathers...She is a black cochin bantam.

3. I opened Besitos when I was 20. It was sink or swim..and I was ready to swim with the best of them..just don't ask me to actually swim a lot..would rather float on my floaty  with a cold pop....Bascially..I don't believe in sinking..Never give up on something you love.

4. I LOVE to garden...I don't always have the greenest of thumbs but its as good as therapy or better...Its become even more fun now that my kids are old enough to be involved. 

5. My favorite season is Spring/Summer....but my favorite season for clothes is Fall..

Sorry those "fast facts" were not so fast, thanks for sticking around loves! 

If you have any questions about an item or help styling it, send me a message!